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At Western Property Care we don’t believe in lawn compromise. Our Horticulturists lead team will provide lawn that is equally beautiful as it is lasting.


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Bridging renovation and installation, our horticulturists deliver any level of lawn & turf management services

Our success is your satisfaction. We understand the importance of durability in a harsh climate alike Perth. Rising maintenance costs plague a poor-quality lawn installation. When installed, a Western Property Care lawn can provide immense value to your property. We provide an educated team, inspired by the complexities of plants and the environment.

Renowned for our perfect customer satisfaction, our lawn and turf are built for you, and built to last. We consider every facet of growth from lighting and shade, to water and fertilisation. Analysis of the shifting Perth climate has provided unique knowledge on how your lawn will react seasonally. This information is valuable in alleviating unnecessary maintenance costs.

Uneducated water use can lead to extensive costs on lawn repair and replacement. Depending on lawn type, increased water exposure may be necessary depending on conditions. These expensive issues can be solved by our horticulturists at Western Property Care. Our innovative technique provide lawn and turf an optimal environment to prosper.

Experience to Knowledge

At Western Property Care, we believe the process to success is communication. Effective communication can provide value through knowledge and decision-making. Your preferences are imperative to our installation process.

You will be made aware of the features that best represent our lawn types, and why. Analysis of your property will provide a unique evaluation of our personal recommendations. Of course, your property is different. We aim to celebrate the differences in temperature, lighting and size through establishing the perfect lawn.

Our team is flexible to responsibilities. If you have research and a vision for your perfect lawn, we will do our best to achieve it. If you believe the process to be tedious, our team will provide recommendations to suit. Together, we can make the best decision for your property.

Installation & After Care

Whether you’re a first-time renovator, or looking to rejuvenate your existing lawn, we can help. Our diverse services extend from installation to after care. Working with all types of grass, we provide efficient, and effective grass maintenance.

Extensive experience in all Perth suburbs will deliver a service alike no other. We also boast an extensive series of lawn care tools. Proper lawn servicing is necessary in boosting property value. You can practice personal lawn care to avoid future repair costs.

Should you desire, we are happy to provide valuable advice keeping your lawn healthy. Western Property care about your property. Our effective servicing minimises maintenance while your lawn looks better than the day it came.

Reticulated Ending

Western Property Care offer a complete reticulation solution. Any lawn and turf landscaping can be addressed by our team. Ranging from weeding to reticulation installation, Western Property Care have you covered.

Complete lawn overhauls are our speciality. Although no gardening job is to small. Our horticultural team can provide expert advice on any lawn or gardening situation. Enquire now.

Your Questions Answered

When installed correctly, lawn can be laid all year around. However, there are some seasonal factors you may want to keep in mind.

A common misconception is that it is best to lay lawn in winter to minimise the amount of watering required. Although it’s true that the amount of watering required is largely reduced, winter is the dormant time for lawns. This means that the lawn and roots won’t grow as much, making the lawn more prone to weeds and diseases.

Summer is when plants love to grow. Unfortunately, Perth isn’t known for its rainfall during this time and new lawns require a large amount of water – even more so on hotter days. Although you can lay lawns in the middle of Summer, you may want to consider the amount of water your new lawn will require due to the Perth heat.

The ideal time to lay lawn is during spring and autumn.

Lawn selection is arguably the most important aspect of garden creation. Choosing an appropriate lawn turf requires knowledge in multiple environmental factors. Your property may hold specific conditions exclusive to the shape or direction of your backyard.

Lighting, shade, water access and garden proximity are all conditions requiring evaluation.

Your preference on aesthetics is also important in your appreciation of the final product.

Western Property Care will provide recommend Soft Leaf Buffalo due to its unique properties. As a drought tolerant, weed resistant grass, that can grow in the shade, it’s perfect for Perth’s climate.

Depending on lawn type, extraction may require heavy-duty landscaping. Traditionally removed through digging, lawn removal can be strenuous to the client’s body and mind. Unprofessional digging can result in physical injury. Land turf is often heavier than expected. After extraction, the lawn must be issued for disposal.

From extraction to disposal, the team at Western Property Care can facilitate the removal of your lawn.

While it’s not difficult to remove lawn as no permits are required, when done correctly, the removal can be expensive due to local tip charges being based on weight.

In some cases, in old lawns, the roots and seeds can be difficult to remove. In these instances, poisoning of the lawn may be required. Western Property Care strongly recommend hiring a professional if this may be the case.

Lawn maintenance is pivotal in preserving property value and aesthetic. Different lawn species will grow at different rates. Growth is influenced by water accessibility and sunlight.

In warmer months, lawn will grow faster. The choice to cut your lawn is predominately based on aesthetic appeal. Whether you let it grow or cut it short is up to you. Our recommendation is that you don’t remove more than 30% off the height of the lawn. There is a potential to damage the lawn if you choose to take off more.

Nevertheless, lawn maintenance remains important to the health of your turf. Weeding and pest extermination is key in preserving the appearance and longevity of your lawn.

With Western Property Care these anxieties disappear. You, your lawn, and your property will find value in our horticultural services.

Lawns require fertilisation. In a perfect world, lawns should be lightly fertilised every 6-8 weeks, in order to keep your lawn looking vibrant and healthy.

A significant issue we find in Perth is water absorption. Soils often repel high levels of water and even though you may be watering it, you can be losing up to 50% to evaporation.

Wetting agents in Perth are just as important as fertilising.

lawn and turf management services

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