Landscaping Services Perth

Creating durable, aesthetic and innovative landscapes.

We measure our success on your appreciation. Our skilled team offer premier landscaping services to your desire.


Landscaping Design

Regardless of conditions, we wish to find you in the design of your property.

A perfect experience, our team will guide your project from quotation to handover. Western Property Care rely on client experience and feedback. We wish for you to understand the decisions you make before you make them. Outlining possibilities, restrictions and recommendations in relevance to time and budget. Moreover, we will discuss materials, preferences and composition. Per your request, the process can be hand or 3D-drawn for a complete visualisation of your project.

We deliver a transparent experience highlighted by the excitement of redefining your home. Western Property’s unique position allows our team to offer clients an unbeatable experience. We build off quality, not quantity. Every client will get the whole team’s full attention in tailoring an innovative project. We do not sacrifice our landscaping services.

Landscaping Maintenance

Your property deserves to look its best. Maintenance mitigation is first introduced within designing. Effective designing can absolve unnecessary future costs. Our high-quality materials further lessen major maintenance needs.

Unavoidable accidents can occur and are cause for landscape maintenance. Western Property Care communicate the stem of the issue and its solution. We offer budget options backed with innovative research and skill. Earthworks, carpentry and paving construction repairs, Western Property Care for your property.

We have the ability to cater for residential or commercial properties. Larger projects may need hard landscape maintenance. Repairing foundations, reticulation, electrics and carpentry. Our work relies on our client’s satisfaction. High pressure cleaning and land clearing, Western Property Care can cover any landscaping services needs.

Landscaping Construction

A seamless transition from design to life. We tailor an unparalleled service to your design conditions. Transparency is key in providing the best possible project. We go above and beyond in advising clients to all the options available to them. That way, a tailored experience extends past the property and into the budget and schedule.

Whether you have designed with us or found the plans yourself, we will treat it as our own. Each property will boast different qualities, features and values. At Western Property Care, the only standardised trait is the promise of satisfaction and quality.

Your property, your vision. At Western Property Care, the extent of your involvement is up to you. We encourage all feedback. We will fill any creative role you desire. Whether your vision is clear, or it’s hit a creative block. Western Property Care is happy to provide inspiration for your future property.​


Western Property Care & You.

Here we get to know each other. Western Property intends to understand who you are and what you desire. The initial on-site meeting will assess the landscape, its possibilities and its restrictions.

We ask what you are looking for, whether you have examples, and if you’ve seen projects we’ve done in the past. Our skilled team will make recommendations on existing features, materials, and flora. It is important you are aware of the options available within your budget and time constraints. Our expert team will guide you through plant options that will be best suited to your garden.

Following this meeting, a hand or 3D-drawn schematic is produced as a bible for the client’s property. It represents a culmination of the client’s desires and vision. We offer a high level of communication to ensure the design is exactly what you desire.​


The translation of your design to reality.

The construction of your property’s landscape. Western Property Care offer diverse services in the composition of a landscape. Building off design, we offer demolition and feature removal if desired.

No matter the job size, we start on blank canvas or provide a unique feature to an existing project. For each project, you finish with a bespoke property.

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