Landscaping Maintenance

maintain the state of your landscape.

From maintenance to repair, Western Property Care about the state of your landscape. Our diverse services support gardens of all kinds and sizes, we can help.


Maintainence Services

Your property reflects your home and you.

Within Perth’s intensive climate, maintenance is a necessity for a healthy landscape. As a preventative measure, maintenance is an opportunity to avoid expensive repair work. Innovative training has produced services ranging in budget and time. As an investment into your household, maintenance can provide financial and emotional value.

A poorly managed landscape can prove difficult to enjoy by family and friends. Broken paving and brickwork can be dangerous to those walking around. Our team’s accredited knowledge and experience offers insight into a premium service. For a perfect solution – Western Property Care can cater to your landscaping needs.​

Saving You Time and Money

Landscapes always deserve to look their best. Integration of a maintenance plan is essential for the preservation of your landscape.

A maintenance schedule will save costs spent through hard and soft scape repair. High-quality materials further reduce the possibility of damage. A living landscape requires regular maintenance for survival. Maintenance is often mistaken as reactionary over a preventative solution. This is an expensive perspective.

Waiting for an issue to rise is problematic as some may present themselves too late. A maintenance plan reduces any unsolvable issues. Our horticulturists provide expert advice on retaining plant vibrancy and growth year-round. Whether you are familiar with our process or not, our expert knowledge covers all plant life within your garden.​

Our Repair Services

Tailored to your needs, Western Property Care repair any issue within your garden. From fibreglass pools to retaining walls, we have the solution for you. Our expert tradesmen are renowned for their quality disposition and work. We measure our success based on your appreciation. This means we work to your happiness. Western Property Care hold great respect in the responsibility of your landscape.

We will accept any landscaping role you desire. From earthworks to carpentry, we will care for your property the Western Property way. We offer complete repair or overhaul for irrigation and reticulation systems. A damaged irrigation system can endanger life nearby whether plant or not. Timely work is necessary for the saving of your property. Flooding can cause irreversible damage in plant-life through to carpentry. We can offer a swift solution to any immediate problems.

Quick solutions may be effective short-term but lack proper longevity. Western Property Care suggest a maintenance plan in reducing the chance of an issue ever occurring. Our experts will structure your property in looking its best all year-round.​

Your Questions Answered

Landscaping refers to the construction and maintenance of a property’s land. Most often concerned with gardening, landscaping can be used to add an aesthetic difference. A broad term, landscaping involves any activity manipulating the land. This can include services from demolition to carpentry. Landscaping methods have evolved over time through innovative research into horticultural process. This evolution has provided designers with the opportunity to specialise in an aesthetic appeal. Western Property Care offer industry-leading services in the construction of your property.

Outside of its aesthetic value, a well-maintained landscape is indispensable to the value of your home. From fiscal to emotional value, landscape maintenance is an investment in your properties’ future. As the extension to your house, a landscape is the flare to which you can express your personality. Any issues not dealt with immediately will grow with the landscape. Reactionary repairing is more expensive than regular maintenance. Best practice is initiating protocols in preventing issues in the first place. Like any living thing, a landscape will need maintenance. High-quality care can provide future economic and environmental benefits.

Beautiful landscape maintenance can increase your property value significantly. Often overlooked, maintenance is key in retaining the value of your landscape investment. Landscaping can achieve an increase of five to 20 percent in sale price. Whether the landscape is maintained may be the difference between those figures. Western Property Care are knowledgeable in all landscaping facets. Whether strategic or personal gain, Western Property Care are the intelligent choice.
In short, individual landscape maintenance is possible. Under perfect conditions it can save costs through reducing repair. However, uneducated maintenance can also be dangerous if done incorrectly. Handling of heavy equipment is ill advised if the user is not trained in proper use. Hardscaping should be consulted with industry professionals for best practice. Certain soft scaping maintenance aspects are achievable by an owner. Western Property Care respect the endeavour to engage with your garden. Whether you require consulted information or further landscaping efforts, we are happy to reduce the stress on your body and mind.

Let Western Property Care for your home.