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Our Designers

Presenting experience, skill and knowledge: our designers are the best at what they do. Western Property Care boasts accreditation in horticulture and landscape design. Referring to plant care, our horticulturists appreciate the value within a beautiful landscape. Shifting temperatures, humidity, and seasonal pests can endanger your garden. Best practice is understanding how every landscape will react in every condition. This is our promise. Working with your vision, together we will realise your dream landscape.

Our landscaping designers will reflect the style and individuality of your property. Factoring physical restraints, environmental conditions, construction methods and materials, our service is guaranteed to last. We believe in complete transparency. Potential issues are voiced within consultation, leaving minimal room for mistake. Our communication leads to savings in future maintenance, repair and restructure. Considering property conditions will create recommendations on materials and placing. Plant information and awareness will guide your decisions in creating a beautiful garden.

Site Consultation

Beginning with a site consultation, we aim to discover your landscaping motivation. We believe landscaping can act as a terminal toward a better home life. The initial on-site meeting will assess your property’s possibilities and its restrictions. A designer will reinforce your vision through a style guide. Acting as a reference to any landscaping decisions – it will include your desired aesthetic. Our recommendations span from hardscaping to soft scaping. The property’s climate and physical restrictions will not contain design creativity. Our expert designers will construct an image within your mind and theirs. It is important to us you be made aware of all the different options you have available. As a turnkey solution, further advice on council matters and engineering are available. With Western Property Care, we guarantee a unique vision be understood among the client and designer. Your preference is priority. Your decisions are our instructions. Whether you have an idea or need inspiration, Western Property Care will assume any responsibility you desire.

Planning Your Landscaping

The designing begins. Offering 3D and digital rendering, you have the ability to preview any elements you decide. We aim to meet three fundamentals of design. The design must act as a synonymous extension of your property, our knowledge, and you. Landscape integration is key in increasing the property’s value. The design will represent a culmination of your desires and vision. Consistent, open communication will ensure the property is designed to your exact standards. Horticulturists will provide valuable insight into compatible and incompatible plant species. Regardless of conditions, we wish to find you in the design of your property.

Your Questions Answered

Landscaping refers to the construction and maintenance of a property’s land. Most often concerned with gardening, landscaping can be used to add an aesthetic difference. A broad term, landscaping involves any activity manipulating the land. This can include services like demolition. Landscaping methods have evolved over time through innovative research into horticultural process. This evolution has provided designers with the opportunity to specialise in an aesthetic appeal. Western Property Care offer industry-leading services in the construction of your property.
Landscaping can offer aesthetic and monetary value to your property. Your landscape should represent the values of you and your home. Often, clients find landscape features provide an improvement in well-being and quality of life. Their personality is reflected in the choices made in design. A quality landscape will offer a place of relaxation and social interaction. Innovative design can provide further value to the price of your property. At Western Property Care, we believe there is no better place to be.
Soft scaping is the horticultural elements of landscaping. It refers to the care of all plants and garden management. Any choices about the living aspects of your garden is likely soft scaping. Soft scaping activities extend from plant research, through to digging and extermination. Western Property Care hold special accreditation in horticultural development. As a trusted provider of plant care and practice, we take pride in our perfect customer satisfaction rate.
Together, hard and soft scaping encompass landscaping. Hardscaping concerns the non-living elements of landscaping. From demolition to carpentry, hardscaping is the fundamental blueprint to your property. Western Property Care have a diverse selection of services tailored to your hardscaping needs. We manipulate almost all materials in differentiating your property’s landscape.
Effective initial design can reduce future maintenance costs. Landscapes are often designed with a vision in mind. Yet, designers fail to understand or voice issues concerning plant and materials. Client environments can compromise the quality of landscape gardens. Leading to a quicker breakdown of materials from unfortunate weather or pests. Poor original designing has resulted in increased maintenance repair costs for the client. Alternatively, a landscaper restricts a client’s vision. Stemming from a compromising mindset, these landscapers will sacrifice aesthetics for quality. This often results in a retention of material durability over client happiness. Western Property Care is not the same. We make little compromises within delivering a landscape equal parts durable and beautiful.

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