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Western Property Care offer a diverse selection of services tailored to your project. From demolition to garden lighting our leading experts can create your vision. Our service extends to any project size. Whether a blank canvas or finishing touches, you can expect a bespoke experience. With Western Property Care, you’re guaranteed a quality finish.

Western Property care about your voice. From inspiration to recommendation, our expert horticultural designers can help you. Whether that be deciding on every material or none – we can fill any responsibility you desire. Your happiness is our success. Each landscape will assert the architecture, vibe and values of the property attached. Whether you have designed with or not, we provide valuable construction information at your leisure.​

What We Can Do For You

Offering a seamless transition from design to life. We measure our success on your happiness.

Western Property Care believe in transparent transactions. We go above and beyond in advising clients of the best available options. Expert designers offer customisation at every step. Expect a bespoke experience in the tailored construction of your design.

Western Property Care extend their services to fit budgets. We understand that garden interaction levels vary. Whether a priority, or an extension, a bespoke garden can add great value to your property.

Should you be looking for a cost-effective solution, we have budget friendly options. Alternative conditions in timing and climate are also entertained. We recognise extra costs are often incurred from imperfect preparation. Our construction services encompass knowledge on materials and timing.

We deliver your project design with as little stress as possible.

Your Questions Answered

Landscaping refers to the construction and maintenance of a property’s land. Most often concerned with gardening, landscaping can be used to add an aesthetic difference. A broad term, landscaping involves any activity manipulating the land. This can include services like demolition. Landscaping methods have evolved over time through innovative research into horticultural process. This evolution has provided designers with the opportunity to specialise in an aesthetic appeal. Western Property Care offer industry-leading services in the construction of your property.

Landscape Construction can offer aesthetic and monetary value to your property. Your landscape should represent the values of you and your home. Often, clients find landscape features provide an improvement in well-being and quality of life. Their personality is reflected in the choices made in design. A quality landscape will offer a place of relaxation and social interaction. Innovative design can provide further value to the price of your property. At Western Property Care, we believe there is no better place to be.

Starting the landscaping process can be daunting. Western Property Care can help in the complete process. Depending on your needs, hardscaping is generally the first step. Ranging from porches to pools – hardscaping involves the construction of your property. In a summarised form, the next step is soft scaping. Inserting plant-life within your backyard. This is essential in concluding the aesthetic value of your property. As a simplified version, this process is easier said than done. Western Property Care can lead your project through any design you desire.
Landscaping expense alter drastically on what is desired by the client. Often landscapers will omit cheaper options from a quote in effort to increase profit. This is an unethical capitalisation on a lack of industry knowledge. Western Property Care pride themselves on voicing every option available within your budget. This is our guarantee in alleviating any unnecessary costs in the realisation of your future garden.
Stylish landscaping with utility can increase the property’s fiscal value immediately. Recent research suggests hardscaping can increase sale price by up to 14%. Different renovations provide varying returns. Value is also found within appreciation and personal attachment. Western Property Care can recommend the most valuable additions through personal meetings. Whether designing landscapes strategically or in personal taste, Western Property Care can realise your dream property.
Native landscaping is the use of native flora within landscape design and construction. As a form of sustainable practice, native landscape supports the local climate and business. Western Property Care appreciates native landscaping for its durable and timeless aesthetic. Our horticulturists understand native landscaping’s ability to survive within the Perth climate. This survivability reduces maintenance and repair costs troubling foreign plants. Perth is a tough climate with a wide temperature variance. Western Property Care will recognise and prevent any issues surrounding landscaping survivability.
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