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Innovative team, durable design, beautiful gardens.

Our success stems from your happiness. Headed by qualified horticulturists, our clients receive gardens equally enduring and beautiful.

  • Reticulation


As industry leading reticulation specialists, Western Property Care is the intelligent choice.

Our specialists consider every aspect of your reticulation design. We are conscious of the plant species, lawn size, sunlight, wind and soil absorption rates.

With experience on local climate and ecological change – we are conscious of water wastage.

Standard reticulation nozzles produce more water, at a higher rate than the soil can absorb. This is one of the reasons why you will see run off when a lot of retic systems are running.

When designing, maintaining or modifying, we use low pressure nozzles or rotary nozzles which release water at a much slower rate. This means you lose less water to run off and evaporation.

The Water Corporation guidelines recommend 10 minutes for standard nozzles while low pressure nozzles can run for 30 to 40 minutes. Therefore, you can run your reticulation for twice as long, use the same amount of water, but have an approximate 30% higher soil absorption rate.

  • Lawn & Turf

Lawn & Turf

When you choose Western Property Care, you choose the finest. Our horticulturist – taught team are ready to invigorate your lawn and turf.

Considering light, water, shade and other features – our Western Property Care is known for their meticulous method. Experience in the shifting Perth climate has provided unique knowledge on how lawn reacts to environments now and in the future.

This information translates to savings on maintenance and repair. Water expenses can climb from inexperienced practice. Certain lawns need increased water exposure under certain conditions. These expensive issues are solved by the horticulturists at Western Property Care. Our resourceful process will provide a supreme lawn experience built to last.

Our team’s extensive knowledge will provide you with all available options. Information is the key to a successful turf. You will be made aware of features that best represent different lawns, and why. Your property is unique, we will provide recommendations on a cost-effective solution that best suits your needs. Together, we can make the best possible decision for your property.

Western Property Care understands the expense of maintaining turf. Our friendly staff will provide expert advice on the maintenance of your new lawn. Valuable knowledge will save you time and money while your lawn looks better than the day it came.

As with all of our services, a combination of our reticulation solutions with a new turf will offer the best experience. Effective watering will conclude in the most successful lawn growth on your street. Our systems are fully-automated and prioritise water efficiency. Enrich your backyard with Western Property Care.

  • Maintenance


Providing peace-of-mind and complete satisfaction, Western Property Care offers meticulous maintenance spanning all garden needs. Our professional team of Horticulturists are trained to leave your garden looking and feeling its best.

We mould to your desire. Boasting complete customer satisfaction, our service will help you with any gardening need. Our process can be as intensive as desired. However, we aim to be as respectful to the natural growth of your garden as possible. Depending on your need, we will keep your garden of the same beautiful quality from summer through winter.

As families are often too busy, finding time to do your own garden maintenance can be a challenge.

Western Property Care are here to make sure that you don’t lose the special time enjoying your backyard. You and your family deserve a place to relax, connect and appreciate who you are. With proper care and our expert’s recommendation, your garden will become beautiful, durable and rewarding.

Our reticulation systems are known for durability. Irrigation structures still need regular inspections in retaining effectiveness. We offer irrigation professionals in servicing your reticulation in its most complete form.

Checking every nozzle twice, our experts perform a complete audit on your system. A poorly managed sprinkler will prove costly in repair and water inefficiency. It is important to confirm all reticulation systems are working to the best of their ability. With Western Property Care, supreme quality maintenance is just the beginning.

Let Western Property Care for your home.