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Supporting a diverse service portfolio, Western Property Care is always passionate about the care of your garden.


Inclusive Cleanup

Available for all properties, the general clean-up is our core service. Encompassing most Western Property services, it provides a complete audit of your yard.

Beginning with a short discussion, our professional team will express the needs of your garden. A bespoke enrichment program will be created outlining our processes within the context of your property. Our horticulture experts will address any immediate issues within your garden. Professional insight will discern potential improvements in the way your garden will run. Often, reticulation and irrigation issues will cause inefficiencies in the use of water. Our recommendations will solve any recurring issues, saving you money.

As one of our core services, Western Property Care will fill any need you or your garden desires.

Inclusive Cleanup

Once your new lawn is installed, active maintenance is crucial. Fertiliser and wetting agents are important to help the lawns roots grow. You should focus on fertilising your lawn every 6 weeks until the root system is established.

Correct watering is key. New lawn requires more frequent watering than existing lawn as the root system needs to grow. We recommend combining reticulation and manual hose watering in the early stages.

Making use of your reticulation is the best way to ensure your lawn is getting enough water. The Water Corporation Guidelines will help to guide you on appropriate water usage.

The helpful team at Western Property Care are on hand to help guide you through this process. Our knowledge and experience in lawn maintenance have equipped us to handle any lawn.

Hedging & Pruning

Often used to define a garden, Hedging is a staple in unifying the aesthetic of your property. From privacy to noise alleviation, a quality hedge will provide value to your garden. Our professional team promise healthier, thicker foliage characterised by its vibrance.

A successful hedge can merge a property’s garden. Using correct pruning procedures, shaped plants can complement the design of your property. For effective practice, hedges must be trimmed regularly.

Plant pruning is an effective way of increasing plant growth. Dead branches hurt a garden’s image and inhibit future growth. If left unattended, overhanging dead branches can pose a danger by falling on you or a power line. Best safety practice is preventative not reactionary. Get peace-of-mind with Western Property Care’s perfect customer satisfaction score.​

Weeding & Pest Control

Weeding and Pest control can be one of the more difficult issues plaguing a garden. Reproductive weeds can reduce a lawn to patches. DIY herbicides often fail to cater to your grass type in the conditions it exists.

Incorrect use stems from a lack of knowledge on plant anatomy and resistances. Non-selective herbicides can threaten the lawn, beneficial fungi and bacteria. Without these protective layers, a garden is often overcome by other diseases. Our professional horticulturists specialise herbicides to condition a long-term integrated weed management plan. Western Property care about your garden. With us, your lawn is safe. Protected by an economic and ecological conscious plan to save your garden.

Our services extend to the effective removal of any pests inhibiting your garden’s ability to grow.​

Mulching & Fertilising

A key exercise towards effective garden health. Mulching and fertilising conditions a property to grow to its potential.

The Western Property Care team utilise their knowledge to deliver a high-quality service.

Mulching has a large range of benefits. These include decreased weed growth and improved soil retention of water and nutrients. Mulching is a cost-effective solution to save on future maintenance costs. We can check your garden to understand any mulching or fertilisation requirements.

With Western Property Care your gardens will look great and feel even better.​


Your Questions Answered

Outside of its aesthetic value, a well-maintained garden is indispensable to the value of your home. As the extension to your house, a garden is the flare to which you can express your personality. Like any living thing, a garden will need maintenance. High-quality care can provide future economic and environmental benefits.
At Western Property Care we believe in an autonomous relationship with your garden. Whether you enjoy the process or the product, we can provide any level of service. Our professional team is passionate for horticulture. Any advice you may need, we are happy to help if it means the betterment of your life and garden.
In short, now. Garden maintenance is preventative not reactionary. Like all living things, it is far superior to be progressive in health. Maintaining a garden is far cheaper long-term than waiting for major issues to arise. Naturally, Western Property Care will provide regulated maintenance programs and instructions if you so desire.
Your responsibilities extend to your heart’s desire. Whether you appreciate the process or the product, our team can cater to any role. If you decide gardening to be a passion, we can provide advice on smaller maintenance tips to save you future costs.
Hedges refer to a close shape of shrubs or plants. Most often planted in succession, hedges can offer privacy or definition to your yard. The act of hedging is to trim these plants in accordance to desire. Whether you want a line or a specific shape, Western Property Care has you covered.
Depending on the formality and contents of the hedge, pruning is often to be done to your desire. Where hedges are typically trimmed in the winter or early spring, Perth’s intense climate is cause for more frequent treatment. The regularity is determined by influences alike sunlight, rain, reticulation and plant species growth speed. More information can be found through consultation with our industry professionals.
Effective hedging can yield multiple benefits for your garden. Proper care will result in a thicker, healthier hedge. From this growth, privacy is increased, and outside noise is decreased. The foliage is easier shaped and offers a more dynamic aesthetic to your property.
Weeding is imperative if a garden is to last. Removing disease and weeds from your garden will create a safe and beautiful environment for your family. Effective weeding can promote the growth of your lawn through removing restrictions on water, nutrients and light.
Weeding must be a regular task in garden maintenance. Weeds can fertilise any lawn at any time and must be dealt with quickly. Were the weeds to be left, they would absorb local minerals, water and sunlight will spreading their seed around the garden. A weed population left unchecked can soon become difficult to control. Western Property Care can handle any situation. However, we strive to deliver the most economical and environmentally conscious garden possible.
In short, no. Weeds are a major threat to the natural environment. Often as introduced species, they pressure native flora and fauna in most aspects. Weeds are often seen to choke natural systems through suffocating a plant’s water and mineral life support. Whether in the wild or domestic, weeds are a hazard to the growth of our environment.
Mulching can provide many benefits to your garden. From weed suppression to water retention, correct mulching provides your garden the key to its potential. A carefully blended batch can help to lock in water and minerals for plants to consume. More information on mulching can be found in our free enquiry.
A mulch is a coating of material applied to the surface of a garden. Whether this be garden beds, or plants, mulching is a valuable exercise in mitigating future plant health issues. The mulch changes by supplier and must be altered for the contents of your garden before application.
Mulching must be done diligently. Without research into your specific garden’s needs mulching can be as damaging as it is helpful. Our skilled team will provide you with knowledge on your garden’s mulching cycle, as conditioned by its climate and context. Western Property Care can help at all stages of the mulching process. Enquire today.

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