Gardening & Landscaping Wembley Downs

Perfectly Construct your Garden to be the star of Wembley Downs

Gardening Wembley Downs

Are you in need of a gardening expert or a landscaping specialist in Wembley Downs? Then look no further, at Western Property Care we take pride in being your choice gardening choice in Wembley Downs.

Your home is a place of comfort and relaxation, providing an escape from the stresses of life. Your sanctuary deserves to be embellished with the marvellous scenery of your garden. Our team of professional horticulturists and gardeners are highly trained to provide a premium landscaping design service and gardening service in Wembley Downs.

Our expertise allows us to deliver a range of gardening services from reticulation installation, landscape design, to garden maintenance. Our acquired experience and knowledge give us the edge in transforming your outdoor area.


Are you in need of installing, maintaining, or fixing your reticulation system? Western Property Care are your leading specialists in providing a prompt, highly professional service in the Wembley Downs area.

As the gardening experts of Wembley Downs, we take on a unique approach in working closely with you to design and install a reticulation system that is customised to your garden’s layout. With our acquired knowledge and experience, we collaborate with you in offering expert advice and insight.

Do you already have a system installed and are worried about its performance? No problem! We are specialised in performing maintenance on any reticulation system and can optimise it to be more conserving in its water usage. You can rely on Western Property Care for all your reticulation needs.

Lawn & Turf

A well-manicured lawn can make all the difference with people’s first impression of your home. What better way to make that impression count than working with your favourite gardening professionals in Wembley Downs? Our certified horticulturists are ready to invigorate your lawn and turf in the Wembley Downs area.

An installation of a new lawn always requires careful planning and care by a gardening specialist, to ensure its growth and stability. For every installed lawn that Western Property Care does, we offer our aftercare service to ensure it is kept in a healthy state.

No matter what your situation is, whether it be an expert to install, maintain or renew your lawn, Western Property Care are here for you. Our expertise and close collaboration with you, ensures you receive a garden that is beautiful and functional.

Garden Maintenance

Time is of the essence, isn’t it? Being time poor is a story we hear all too often. It is why we are proud to bring gardening and landscaping services to Wembley Downs. Are you having trouble keeping up with maintaining your lawn? Western Property Care offer a comprehensive maintenance service which covers all your needs. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in gardening enables us to provide a professional, world-class service for garden maintenance. This includes thoroughly covering all areas from general clean and clearing, lawn maintenance, pruning and hedging.

If you are already maintaining the lawn yourself, we offer advice to help you maintain your garden more effectively and safely.

Landscape Design Wembley Downs

Western Property Care are the experts in landscaping and gardening throughout the Wembley Downs area. Our specialisation and technical knowledge allow us to provide an in-depth service that goes from design, construction, to post-maintenance.

As certified landscaping artists, we have experience in working on residential and commercial projects within Wembley Downs and beyond. We collaborate with you and listen to your vision of a dream garden to bring it to life. You can trust Western Property Care to be the answer to all your landscaping needs.

Landscape Design

Your landscape design should be as unique as you are. Maximise on your outdoor area with a landscape design specialist in Wembley Downs. Western Property Care can capture your vision and produce a captivating landscape garden within the Wembley Downs area.

We have years of experience and accreditation in horticulture, gardening, and landscape design. Our team understands the value of an architecturally crafted garden that reflects the beauty and style of your property. We examine the physical limitations of your garden, the conditions and assess the construction method and materials before we tailor a solution for you.

Landscape Construction

Perhaps you have realised it is time to give your garden a much-needed overhaul. Western Property Care offer landscaping construction services within the Wembley Downs area.

Our end-to-end service ensures we go from the complete demolition and reconstruction of your garden to the installation of garden lighting. No matter what you need, our team will tailor our solutions to suit you.

Whether it is starting fresh or adding some finishing touches to your garden, you can trust Western Property Care to provide you with a professional, quality experience. Our guarantee is that you will get a quality finish every time.

Landscape Maintenance

Have you got a landscaped garden that needs maintenance? We offer our specialised gardening maintenance services that keeps your area looking stunning and fresh.

Keeping your landscaped area looking great adds immense value to your property. Our team works with you, according to your schedule, to deliver a maintenance service that suits you. This ensures we keep your landscaped area in prime condition all year-round while providing you expert advice on preserving landscape vitality and growth.

If you are looking for a team, that specialises in the Wembley Downs area, that looks after you and your lawn, look no further than Western Property Care.

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