Garden Reticulation Services

Perth Reticulation Services

Beginning at your property, we design irrigation and reticulation systems tailored to your garden.


Garden Reticulation Installation

Whether you’ve designed with us in the past or need a complete garden reticulation overhaul. We will care for your garden and life

Our horticultural accreditation will lead to water and environmental conservation. After an inspection of your garden, we guide on sprinkler location, strength and frequency. With savings in water and garden maintenance, we keep your property and wallet, healthy and green.

Western Property Care believe in transparency and communication. The most effective solutions may be more expensive. We will provide you with a full scope on the decisions available to your project. Whether you have a budget or not, our research and diligence will prepare you and your garden for any future.

Garden Reticulation Maintenance

Reticulation maintenance is a necessity for a healthy garden. Neglecting a reticulation system will cause issues in water passage and electrical wiring. Gardens are threatened from decreased water distribution efficiency.

Clients compensate with regular manual watering. This causes a large increase in maintenance cost. Our skilled team will attention any reticulation inefficiencies you may experience. Let Western Property care for your garden and budget.

Australia’s tough climate hosts a myriad of issues for reticulation. In Perth's summer months, quick solutions for garden safety are necessary. We embrace these issues and step towards a better garden, and a better property. Attempting to fix the reticulation system yourself can be difficult. It's best left to a professional if you are unsure how to maintain it yourself.

Our professionals specialise in a repair service which respects your property and time. Whether large or small, our services support water issues through to electrical work. Your journey towards a better garden begins with a free quote.​

Your Questions Answered

Water reticulation refers to the distribution of water through a network of organised pipes. The water is efficiently collected and treated before being delivered to a nozzle.

The water is propelled through pressure created by energy displacement within the system. Eventually reaching a sprinkler, the water is pushed through a nozzle to the garden.

Depending on the system, repairs of reticulation can be hazardous to the untrained owner. Working with electrics is never a responsibility of someone without prior knowledge. Any alterations to a network’s physical, electrical components should be done under the instruction of a professional.

A reticulation network’s use of pressure can pose as a danger to inexperienced repairers. An accidental piercing of a pipe can result in an unlikely injury. Any reticulation repairs are best left to professionals of the industry.

Water efficiency is the act of reducing water wastage. The primary premise revolves around the comparison of required water, and water used. Any difference is water wasted.

Water can be wasted in unintentional and discreet ways. A broken nozzle may reduce the pressure inside of the reticulation. This can cause water to dribble over the sprinkler.

This sprinkler’s responsibility to reach further pieces of the garden would be unfulfilled. The grass would need further watering. Reticulation controllers have become restrictive in the amount of water used per spray.

If a sprinkler is failing to provide water, the garden’s safety will be compromised. Without maintenance, this issue could continue unchecked – causing death of plants or lawn.

Reticulation is a complex network of pressured pipes and low voltage wires. Issues can stem from the controller, the wiring or to the pipes themselves. Problems with wires can come from age or pressure from being buried under the ground. Nozzles can be broken or not fitted correctly.

Occasionally, software issues can render the controller frozen or faulty. Reticulation systems are considered durable. Yet, living outside can corrode their lifespan quickly. If an issue exists, it is more likely it will be accentuated through the weather and garden.


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