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Gardening Nedlands

Western Property Care are your specialists in providing for all your gardening needs in the Nedlands area.

We know that your home is a place to relax, de-stress and marvel at the scenery surround your property. It makes is all the better when you have a garden that reflects beauty, strength and prestige. Western Property Care’s team of professional horticulturist are highly trained to give your garden the look it deserves.

We deliver a range of gardening services from reticulation installation to garden maintenance and lawn care. When it comes to making your garden stand out, Western Property Care will be there for you.


As the leading specialists in the installation and maintenance of reticulation systems, Western Property Care are the preferred choice in the Nedlands area.

We take a collaborative approach with you to design and install a reticulation system that best suits your garden needs. Using our accumulated experience, we can offer key advice and insight on setting a system that fits your garden’s layout.

We also are specialised in performing maintenance on reticulation systems and can optimise it to be more efficient in its water usage.

We work with you to design and install a reticulation system to suit your needs and application. We provide advice and guidance on setting up a system to suit your garden’s layout, including location of emitters and selection of flow strength based on your water pressure.

Our team also specialise in maintaining reticulation systems and adapt to the requirements of your specific system. You can rely on Western Property care for all your reticulation needs.

Lawn & Turf

We believe that first impressions matter for every home. What better way to deliver that expectation than having a beautiful lawn that speaks for your home? Our horticulturists are ready to rejuvenate your lawn and turn in the Nedlands area.

Taking care of a newly installed lawn is crucial to ensure its growth and stability. With every newly installed lawn, we offer our after-care service to give it the care it deserves to keep it looking flawless for the years to come.

Western Property Care are the experts you need if you are looking to install, maintain or revitalise your lawn. Our expertise and knowledge ensure we deliver you the best experience for your lawn.

Garden Maintenance Nedlands

Need peace of mind and be stress-free from your lawn? Western Property Care offer an all-inclusive maintenance service that meets all your garden needs in the Nedlands area. Our specialists have experience in providing quality, thorough garden maintenance, including general clean and clearing, lawn maintenance, pruning and hedging.

If you are looking to maintain your lawn yourself, we are also happy to offer professional advice in better maintaining your garden safely and effectively. Ultimately, we at Western Property Care only want to keep your garden look at its best.

Garden Landscaping Nedlands

Specialising in Landscaping, Western Property Care are the experts in the Nedlands area. We offer an in-depth landscaping service that goes from design, to construction, to post-maintenance.

Our specialists are landscaping artists that have experience in working both residential and commercial properties. We listen and bring your vision of a dream garden to life. When it comes to making a garden stand out, you can rely on Western Property Care to be the solution to all your landscaping needs.

garden landscaping nedlands

Landscaping Design

Looking for an innovative and unique design for your garden? Western Property Care specialise in conceptualising captivating landscape gardens in the Nedlands area.

With years of experience and accreditation in horticulture and landscape design. We understand the value of a beautifully crafted landscape garden in reflecting the style and personality of your property. We investigate the physical restraints of the area, the conditions and evaluate the construction method and materials before we deliver a solution that best fits you.

When you think Landscape design, think Western Property Care.

Landscaping Construction

We offer a wide range of landscaping construction services in the Nedlands area.

From complete demolition and reconstruction of your garden to installation of garden lighting, our team can cater to your vision. Our experience in working on projects of any size enable us to customise our service to suit your needs.

If you are starting with fresh or adding some final touches to your garden, you can trust that you will get an unforgettable experience with Western Property Care. Our guarantee is that you will get a quality finish every time.


Landscaping Maintenance

We offer specialised maintenance services for your landscaped area to ensure it keeps its beauty and functionality.

Investing in maintaining your landscaped area keeps not only your garden looking wonderful but also increases the value of your property. Our horticulturists collaborate with you to deliver a maintenance schedule tailored to your needs. To ensure that your landscape is in top condition all-year round, we provide expert advice on preserving plant vitality and growth.

If you are looking for a team that looks after you and your lawn, look no further than Western Property Care.

What Western Property Care can do for you

Our highly-trained horticulturists work with designers in perfectly constructing your property. We provide open communication channels at every step of the way. Your property is yours. We are simply the translator between your ideas and reality. Feedback and appraisal are encouraged at every step to ensure you're happy with the final result.

Your journey towards a better property begins with a free quote.

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