Garden Landscaping Claremont

Perfectly Construct your Garden to be the Pride of Claremont


Garden Landscaping Claremont

Western Property Care are the specialists in landscaping Claremont, for all your gardening needs.

You and your family deserve a place to relax, connect and appreciate the beauty of the world around you. With proper care your garden will be beautiful, durable and rewarding. Our professional team of horticulturists are expertly trained to keep your garden looking its best.

We provide comprehensive gardening services, from lawn and turf care, to garden maintenance, to reticulation installation and servicing. Western Property Care is here for you.


Western Property Care are experts in the installation and maintenance of reticulation systems in the Claremont area.

We work with you to design and install a reticulation system to suit your needs and application. We provide advice and guidance on setting up a system to suit your garden’s layout, including location of emitters and selection of flow strength based on your water pressure.

Our team also specialise in maintaining reticulation systems and adapt to the requirements of your specific system. You can rely on Western Property care for all your reticulation needs.

Lawn & Turf

At Western Property Care, we believe a beautiful lawn makes the home. Our team of horticulturists are experts at lawn and turf care in the Claremont area.

If you’ve had a new lawn installed, proper maintenance is crucial to ensure it grows properly, particularly during the early stages. Our team are specialists in after-care for your new lawn and can be relied upon to give it the start it needs to keep looking good for years to come.

Whether it be installing a new lawn, maintaining your existing lawn or bringing a tired lawn back to its former glory, Western Property Care can take care of all your needs.

Garden Maintenance Claremont

Western Property Care understands the specific requirements of caring for gardens in the Claremont area. Our expert team has experience in all types of garden maintenance, including general clean-ups, lawn maintenance, hedging and pruning.

We are happy to provide advice to help you maintain your own garden, or you can leave the hard work to us. The choice is yours. Either way, our aim is to keep your garden looking its best.

Landscaping Claremont

Western Property Care are the landscaping specialists in the Claremont area. We offer comprehensive landscaping services, from design, to construction, to maintenance.

Whether it be a residential or commercial property, our team of horticulturists and landscape artists work with you to bring your vision of a dream garden to life. You can rely on Western Property Care for all your landscaping needs in the Claremont area.

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Landscaping Design

Western Property Care specialise in designing beautiful landscaped gardens in the Claremont area.

Our team boasts accreditation in horticulture and landscape design. We appreciate the value of a beautifully landscaped garden and create a design that reflects the style and individuality of your property. We take into consideration the physical restraints of the area, environmental conditions, construction methods and materials to deliver the right outcome for you.

Look no further than Western Property Care to design the perfect landscaped garden for you.

Landscaping Construction

Western Property Care offers a diverse range of landscaping construction services for the Claremont area.

From installation of garden lighting to a complete demolition and reconstruction, our team of experts can create your vision. We work on projects of any size and tailor our service to suit your application.

Whether you’re starting with a blank canvas or adding finishing touches to complete your garden, you can expect a bespoke experience with Western Property Care. We guarantee a quality finish every time.


Landscaping Maintenance Claremont

To ensure the ongoing beauty and functionality of your landscaped area, proper maintenance is essential.

Besides keeping your garden beautiful, landscape maintenance is an investment in ensuring the ongoing value of your property. Our team of horticulturists work with you to tailor a maintenance schedule customised to your specific needs. We also provide expert advice on retaining plant vibrancy and growth all year round.

Look to Western Property Care for your landscaping maintenance needs in the Claremont area.

What Western Property Care can do for you

Our highly-trained horticulturists work with designers in perfectly constructing your property. We provide open communication channels at every step of the way. Your property is yours. We are simply the translator between your ideas and reality. Feedback and appraisal are encouraged at every step to ensure you're happy with the final result.

Your journey towards a better property begins with a free quote.

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