About Us

Landscaping and you.

Western Property Care will work with you to create the perfect property.


About Us

Local to the Western Suburbs, our innovative practice cannot be categorised by conventional terms of style.

Western Property Care evolves to your vision. We are equally skilled at modernist or traditional design.

Whether your yard needs gardening, landscaping or anything in between – our team offers premium service designed for durability.

Journey with us:

Our highly-trained horticulturists work with designers in perfectly constructing your property. We provide open communication channels at every step of the way. Your property is yours. We are simply the translator between your ideas and reality. Feedback and appraisal are encouraged at every step to ensure you are most happy with your property.

Your journey towards a better property begins with a free quote.

Why Choose Us

Our journey to the top has afforded a perfect customer satisfaction rate. Western Property Care measures our success on your appreciation.

If you aren’t satisfied, neither are we. Innovative techniques and industry experience equip our team with the solutions to any landscaping or gardening issue. Our free quote seeks not to persuade, but to inform. An integral part of the process, we aim to provide scope and understanding on all of the options available.

While small, the questions asked can be the difference between budget tiers, aesthetic preference, and timeliness. Our quotes are an educated decision to include what we believe is best for your property. The contents are flexible to your taste. Our recommendations stem from extensive knowledge of horticulture, design and other disciplines.

Property access is not seasonal – neither are our gardening or design services. Too often are gardens constructed for the season in which they look best. Our horticultural experts create a property that looks good year-round.

We provide the innovative techniques, skills, and talent so you don’t have to.

You provide the problem; we provide the solution.

Innovative techniques and industry experience equip our team with a solution to any landscaping or gardening issue.

What we can do for you

Stretching from landscape design to carpentry, let Western Property take care of you.

Western Property Care is the reliable turnkey solution. Our trained team will provide timely project completion, personified by intelligent decisions in durability and cost.

Your time is valuable. Our designers are excited to translate your vision to reality and will step into any creative role you desire. Whether you have pre-existing ideas or wish to see our work – you can hold as much control as desired on the canvas that is your landscape.

Your garden shouldn’t look good only after maintenance. We acknowledge weather, seasonal environments and water conditions. When all goes to plan, our team will explain the maintenance necessary in retaining your beautiful, new garden.

Our communicative vision involves providing you with the best information available. We can visualise your new property in three dimensions.

Your Property & Your Vision

Offering a bespoke design, we deliver custom quality. From blank canvas landscaping to garden maintenance, our team can revitalise your property.

Western Property Care understands the visual representation of a business. It is vital a physical premise look professional and feel sustainable. Our process is considerate of budget, time and environmental impact.

In a modern world, brand image is the first impression. We wish to help display your business to the world on the best grounds. For us, this is innovative branding through landscape. A novel concept, landscape branding refers to the physical representation of your brand through property. With this in mind, Western Property Care is respectful in the conception of your brand and landscape.

Whether you’re looking for maintenance or a fresh-start, we deliver hard or soft landscaping.