A new beautiful garden in Nedlands

Our landscaping team was recently hired to construct garden edging, paving, reticulation installation and laying lawns in a beautiful new, luxury home that was constructed by Zorzi Builders.

When other landscapers said they wouldn’t complete this job, because of its difficulty, Western Property Care was more than happy to help another customer create their dream garden! After 5 hard days, 19 cubic metres of soil (which had to be moved by hand!), 175 metres of PVC, 500 bricks and 225 square metres of lawn, we constructed a perfect example of what a truly gorgeous, modern garden should look like.

To begin with, we had to get the levels roughly correct. This involved bringing in a massive 10 cubic metres of soil, by hand! Once this has been spread, we could move on to the garden edging and paving. The customer wanted to use recycled clay bricks and the results speak for themselves: absolutely stunning! The edging really does bring character throughout the entire garden. It also ties the garden together, as the bricks are used throughout the entire exterior of the house. The features are a large, oval-like shape at the rear of the house, as well as the edging and paved area, by the pool.

Once the edging and paving had been installed, we could move onto installing the reticulation system. As a standard set by our team, we used the highest quality parts, that minimise water wastage. Due to the water source being a bore, we used adjustable flow solenoids, so we could achieve the ideal water pressure for each different station around the house. Installing the reticulation was no small task! It involved over 170 metres of trenches being dug, pipe being laid as well as over 60 pop-up sprinklers being installed, as well as a further 50 risers for the garden beds. Our care and precision has left the property with the perfect reticulation system; a perfect spread of water coverage as well as a minimal wastage of water.

Finally, after the reticulation system had been inspected and tested, we could start preparing to lay the lawn. To begin, we brought in another 9 cubic metres of soil that is specially designed for the laying of new lawn. Once this was spread throughout the lawn sections, our team began our precise soil levelling. The extra time and attention that we spend levelling the soil and laying the lawn helps us achieve an end result that is second to none! As our recommendation, we used Sir Walter Buffalo and the result speaks for itself. Lush green lawn, beautiful recycled bricks and a waterwise reticulation system, all installed to perfection.

Another happy customer that has built their dream garden through Western Property Cares Landsaping team.

If you would like to speak with us about landscaping your home, you can either request a free quote here, or get in contact with us here.

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