The most groundbreaking nozzle available on the market

We commonly discuss with our customers what they believe are the key aspects of reducing water consumption within their reticulation system. We generally hear ‘run times’, ‘system design’ and ‘system pressure’. Now, the main thing that effects a reticulation systems efficiency is management; when all aspects are considered and accounted for successfully, and although all of the above aspects do affect water usage, one thing we rarely hear is nozzles. We have discussed water-saving technologies within a reticulation system before, but something we haven’t touched on yet is the difference between nozzles.

As with many other things in life, the best nozzles also happen to be among the most expensive, and this is why not many reticulation systems utilise them. Most of the time this occurs not because of the owners not wanting to spend the money on a correct system, but because most landscapers will quote using the cheaper, less efficient nozzles to achieve a more affordable quote than their competitors. At Western Property Care, we don’t believe in this; we take time to discuss all of the different options with our clients when preparing a quote and what we find is that most people, when explained the benefits of a correct nozzle (and system in general), will happily spend the extra money on them.

One first point of recommendation we will make is that although there are many high-quality products at Bunnings, reticulation parts (especially reticulation spray bodies and nozzles) are of poor efficiency and quality. Our preferred reticulation brands are Hunter, Toro and Rainbird, with most of our parts coming from Hunter. These brands will provide your garden with the best possible reticulation system.

When we observe lesser quality reticulation systems, the area of the garden that wastes the most water is the grass: large areas of the lawn that have an unnecessary amount of different stations, because they haven’t been designed and installed with the correct nozzles. In our opinion, the best nozzles on the market are Hunter MP Rotator nozzles. Instead of using a standard “spray” technique to deliver the water, they have multiple streams that cover a radius of over 10 metres. Importantly, they also deliver water at a much slower rate; normal nozzles deliver water at a rate faster than what most soils can absorb them, whereas the MP Rotator delivers water slower, so the precipitation rate is much slower.

Another benefit of the streams that the MP Rotator delivers is that unlike the spray nozzles, they are a lot more resilient to the wind. In a windy city like Perth, this is a huge advantage. Other features such as an adjustable radius, adjustable arc spray and a filtration system all contribute to the MP Rotator being able to reduce your reticulation system’s water consumption by more than 30%.

It can be a bit difficult to talk about certain aspects of reticulation without getting too technical. If you are unsure of any of the terms used, there is a video on the Hunter website that will assist you. The page is also very good for extra information that we haven’t spoken about, and the link is available here.

If you would like to speak with us about the possibility of having the MP Rotator in your new or current reticulation system, please contact us here or call James on 0416 913 299.

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