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Welcome to Western Property Care!

Your Local Gardening & Landscaping Experts

Delivering an unparalleled gardening & landscaping service. Western Property Care is passionate about working with you towards your ideal property. Whether that be gardening, landscaping or anything between – we offer unparalleled turn-key service.

Local to the Western Suburbs, our innovative processes set us apart from the competition. Successful horticulture and design knowledge propels our clients past happiness and into euphoria. This is why we have a fantastic customer satisfaction rate with every one of our services.

Working to a budget and time frame is our fundamental necessity. Working over and beyond your expectations is what we pride ourselves on. You and your neighbour are not the same, so why should we treat you the same? We cover each individual project for a complete management of requirements and desires. We engage with you at all steps within the process in establishing trust in our design of your vision.

Our honesty and transparent approach are what set us apart from the competition. Any time you feel confused or misinformed on any part of the process we will be there to fill you in. We complete our quotes through assessing budget and timeline. Offering a solution for your gardening needs within your budget. We believe in transparency.

The Western Property Care team are well-trained in the handling of our equipment. We educate them on the importance of learning a clients garden environment. This ensures they will take care of your landscape and deliver a high-quality service.

Why Choose Us

Our journey to the top has afforded a perfect customer satisfaction rate. Western Property Care measures success on the metric of your appreciation.

If you aren’t satisfied, neither are we. Years of industry experience have equipped our team with solutions to any issue. Our free quote seeks not to persuade, but to inform. We aim to provide scope and understanding on all the options available.

Our quotes are an educated decision to include what is the best solution for your property. The contents are flexible to your taste. Our recommendations stem from extensive knowledge of horticulture, design and other disciplines.

Property access is not seasonal – neither are our gardening & landscaping or design services. Too often are gardens constructed for the season in which they look best. Our horticultural experts create a property that looks good year-round.

We provide the innovative techniques, skills, and talent so you don’t have to.

You outline your requirements; we offer the solution.

What Western Property Care can do for you

Our highly-trained horticulturists work with designers in perfectly constructing your property. We provide open communication channels at every step of the way. Your property is yours. We are simply the translator between your ideas and reality. Feedback and appraisal are encouraged at every step to ensure you're happy with the final result.

Your journey towards a better property begins with a free quote.